Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

Planning for Your Retirement: Things to Consider

When we think about retiring, most of us imagine a time when we won’t have to rush off to work, we’ll enjoy leisure activities, and have time simply to relax. We may worry about how we’ll manage financially once we leave our full-time jobs. But few of us have made solid plans for our retirement that include looking at our finances, personal relationships, and meaningful activities.

Understanding and Improving Your Money Mindset

The feelings you have about money and the narrative you tell yourself about how it works in the world are sometimes called your money mindset.

Maintaining Financial Wellness During a Major Life Incident

Financial experts advise us to plan for a financially difficult situation, such as a layoff, medical emergency, or unexpected home or auto repair. The prevailing wisdom is to build an emergency fund that will last you three to six months in the event of a major life event and to pay down or avoid debt to keep you financially prepared.