Community, career and 35 years: A profile of long service at U of T

Adele Bugajski’s path to U of T all started with a placement she was completing for a public relations course at Humber College. Fast forward 35 years and she is one of 238 employees receiving the Long Service Award today. We met with Adele to chat about her time at U of T and what it means to receive the award.

Adele started her career at UTM. From there, she worked casually in different positions until she landed a full-time continuing administrative position at SGS. She has since progressed through different roles and now works as the Assistant Director to the Office of the CAO in Student Life.

Adele’s most memorable moments are tied to the people she has met during her time at U of T. She fondly recalls a cast of colleagues who have left lasting impressions on her. From UTM’s former principal the late Dr. Paul Fox, to a Senior HR assistant she describes as a “lovely ever-helpful individual,” Adele draws inspiration from and models herself after the people around her.

“There are so many amazing people that I’ve met along my career path,” says Adele. “And those people always stay with me whether they’re here or not.”

When it comes to advice for new employees, Adele is cautious not to dole out generic platitudes. She qualifies her answer by noting that all good advice is situational, but observes that relationship building and utilizing the University’s educational resources are always a great place to start.

“I think we’re very fortunate to work here and we should realize that,” says Adele. “We should always try to help individuals reach their goals if possible.”

The University of Toronto’s Long Service Awards recognizes employees who have achieved the continuous service milestones of 25, 35 and 40 years. This year’s award ceremony will take place on Tuesday, September 25. Photos from the event and a list of the 2018 recipients are available on the HR & Equity website.