Who’s True Blue? Pierina Filippone

The True Blue Award emerged from the most recent Speaking Up: Faculty & Staff Experience Survey. The results showed that feeling valued and recognized in the communities in which they work rated highly among employees.

The True Blue Award complements the recognition programs already in existence at the University of Toronto (U of T) and provides staff and faculty with an opportunity to recognize their colleagues in a more informal way. Award recipients are nominated by their colleagues for embodying U of T’s true-blue spirit.

Read on to find out why.

Pierina Filippone

Pierina Filippone

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

“As the assistant registrar [of] scholarships and financial aid within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Pierina Filippone, has helped hundreds — if not thousands — of undergraduate students surmount financial difficulties that may have impeded their ability to continue on with their degrees.

“Pierina approaches what are often extremely emotional and sensitive issues with unparalleled intelligence and care. As [such], she offers undergraduates the practical advice and connections to faculty and University resources they need to ease their burdens and allow them to focus on their studies.

“Pierina’s ability to collaborate with staff in other offices and departments and her [willingness to embrace] digital platforms and communications opportunities ensures greater visibility of both internal and external scholarship and grant opportunities. This has resulted in more opportunities for our students to receive recognition and funds to assist with their tuition and future career goals.

“Ultimately, she assists the University in retaining the brilliant minds it accepts and contributes in a unique way to the innovation and research undertaken at U of T Engineering.

“Having worked at the University for over 30 years, Pierina remains an invaluable resource to students, staff, and faculty alike. Her enthusiasm for her work encourages and challenges those around her to operate at the high standard she continually sets.

“Affable, tireless and dedicated, her door is never closed to those who require her knowledge and help. She is true-blue!”

Does this remind you of someone you know? Nominate them for a True Blue Award.