U of T United Way Campaign update: Carpenter Team, Union Local gives back

U of T Carpenters Team, Union Local for the United Way Campaign

From across the University of Toronto (U of T), members of the community are getting involved in this year’s United Way Campaign.

This year the U of T Carpenters and their Union Local wanted to give back and contributed $750 towards the cause.

“The carpenters who are helping to build and maintain this postsecondary institution also see themselves as partners in building a better Toronto,” notes Joseph Iannuzzi, business representative with the Carpenters’ Union Local 27. “We are proud and excited to participate this year.”

Looking for ways to contribute? Visit the Campaign’s webpage or contact the team at unitedway@utoronto.ca

Pictured (left to right): Roy Voogel, foreperson; Joe Iannuzzi, union business representative; Joel Hamilton, temp carpenter; Kevin Naylor, temp carpenter; Jason Bruce, temp carpenter; Emin Foco, carpenter; Luciano Becevello, carpenter; Micheal Hughes, temp carpenter; and, Paul Petrucci, carpenter and union steward. Absent: Fabio Speciale