U of T Human Resources & Equity takes another step forward to advance its diversity and inclusion priorities

This fall, the University of Toronto will be welcoming two experts to help advance its ongoing commitment to the core values defined in the Statement on Equity, Diversity and Excellence.

Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat, vice-president of human resources and equity, sees this as an important step in advancing the university’s equity priorities, which will be shared with the university community in the coming months.

“I believe deeply that the diversity of the U of T community is directly linked to our excellence as a global university,” said Hannah-Moffat. “We are taking this proactive approach to help us develop new ways for building inclusive practices that are meaningful and also applicable in our evolving and dynamic environment. These steps will support anti-racism initiatives and reinforce our ongoing commitment to fostering an equitable environment to support the university’s position as a world-class institution.”

Kofi Hope, a well-known Toronto community leader, will work with the Division of Human Resources & Equity to provide advice as it enhances the university’s diversity efforts. The U of T alumnus and Rhodes scholar has extensive experience helping underrepresented youth gain access to meaningful employment as the founder of the Careers Education Empowerment Centre for Young Black Professionals. In addition to providing equity strategy consultation to the division, Hope will also be spending time at U of T as a Bousfield Distinguished Visitor in Planning where he will conduct policy work on giving the city’s most vulnerable residents a voice on topics surrounding city building.

“The University of Toronto is situated in a city and at a time that imparts immense opportunities for inclusion,” said Hope. “Institutions of higher learning can play a critical role in building world-class cities—they help to create an equitable environment for persons to thrive and the resulting opportunities to advocate for themselves and others.”

Nouman Ashraf, an assistant professor, teaching stream at U of T’s Rotman School of Management, will also contribute to the division’s initiatives. In addition to his primary role within Rotman’s Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources Management area, Ashraf will provide transitional support to the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office and advice to the university’s equity portfolio.

“I am delighted to add to the university’s considerable acumen in supporting an inclusive learning environment,” said Ashraf. “I believe that empowering diverse communities will continue to enable our excellence as a globally recognized post-secondary institution. And, U of T’s commitment to inclusion at the strategic level ought to be a differentiator amongst our peers.”

Published August 30, 2018