U of T launches new integrated, collaborative, and cost-efficient recruitment tool

On Tuesday, July 7, the Division of HR & Equity launched the University’s new job posting and application system: SuccessFactors – Recruiting. The new recruiting module is part of the SuccessFactors Talent Management suite, which offers an enhanced digital workplace that is cost-efficient, modernized and collaborative.

“This new, mobile-friendly platform integrates with all professional development tools to support our U of T community from hire to retire,” said Carolina Almonte, Director, Integrated Talent Management, HR & Equity. “From posting and applying to positions, accepting job applications, and collecting new hire information, we’re making recruiting easier for everyone at U of T.”

Faculty and staff can access the SuccessFactors Recruiting platform directly or via the HR Service Centre. When applying to new career opportunities, staff will be required to complete their applications and upload their resumes on the new platform. Staff will also be able to set up job alerts for new opportunities that align with their career interests and hiring managers will be able to make UTemp requisitions on the new platform. 

Training information about how to use the new platform is available via the Centre for Learning, Leadership & Culture.

“By modernizing our HR systems and launching new tools that create a more cohesive and efficient digital workplace, we can provide improved HR support to our community and enhance the employee experience,” said Erin Jackson, Chief HR Officer, HR & Equity. “This is an important next step in our digital HR transformation journey; the SuccessFactors Talent Management Suite is one system with many different functions.”

The SuccessFactors Talent Management suite is part of HR & Equity and EASI’s HR Technology Roadmap. Questions about the SuccessFactors Talent Management suite and its recruiting module can be submitted by using the general inquiry function in the HR Service Centre.