U of T Celebrates its ‘True Blue’ Faculty Members, Librarians & Staff

U of T ranks among the best universities globally because of outstanding employees whose efforts support and improve our tri-campus community. The University’s True Blue Award recognizes and celebrates some of our exemplary faculty members, librarians, and staff whose contributions make U of T an excellent place to work.

We are pleased to announce our most recent recipients of the True Blue Award. These individuals were nominated for a True Blue Award when their colleagues sent them a True Blue Recognition on the True Blue Recognition Platform between March and May 2023. Join us in celebrating these individuals who went above and beyond in their commitment to the University.

True Blue Recognitions highlight the outstanding daily contributions of our faculty members, librarians, and staff. Expressing gratitude for our colleague’s work is integral to fostering a culture of inclusion and appreciation at the University of Toronto.

Meet some of our latest Recipients

March 2023


Chris Kolovos headshot


Chris was recognized his hard work at New College, particularly in the Office of Residence and Student Life. He went above and beyond the expectations of his role, doing the simple things that made a difference in people’s lives.

Debra Kriger headshot


Debra was recognized for making UofT a safer place! Debra fostered diverse programming and inclusion of all community members throughout KPE. Her efforts helped change the demographics of the use of the Goldring Centre.


Dina Moreira headshot


Dina was recognized for her invaluable contribution to the successful release of 2022-23 FAC Dashboard. Her expertise and cooperation played an instrumental role in achieving the quality and timely release of the dashboard.

Mohammed Amoodi headshot


Mohammad was recognized for ongoing, and timely, support with requests. He went above and beyond to ensure the team was always set up for success on all things IT – his support truly impacted the experiences his colleagues we are able to deliver for Alumni and donors.


Regan Tigno headshot


Regan was recognized for leading by example with a big heart and calm manner to the benefit of everyone around him. His colleagues also appreciated his generous and sensitive engagement with them.

Tee Duke headshot


Tee was recognized for hosting the All-Nations Powwow! It was an amazing event that advanced Indigenous Initiatives and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion more broadly at UTM.

April 2023


Crystal Au headshot


Crystal was recognized for her stellar work during the Green Path 2023 Conference, and the April 2023 Chinese recruitment and yield events. Her professionalism, organizational skills, resourcefulness, and insight were instrumental to ensuring a number of activities were successful.

Latifa Solomon headshot


Latifa was recognized for her empathy-first community approach. She was a positive, effective collaborator who was always a pleasure to speak with on MS Teams or at events. Her help was critical to organize and collect donations for the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes drive.


Marc Proudfoot headshot


Marc was recognized for his thoughtfulness, effort, considered criticality and care poured into the development of the resource hub. He helped foster an incredible collection of resources.

May 2023


Amanda McLeod headshot


Amanda was recognized for all the care, labour and time she put into the redesign of the SVPS Centre space at UTSC. It is a very special space on campus. Amanda worked with SVPS to craft and execute a vision that exemplifies healing, calmness and safety.

Carmen D'Souza headshot


Carmen was recognized for all the work put into organizing a farewell event. Carmen fostered the perfect way to celebrate a colleague by organizing a great space, delicious food, thoughtful additions, and the perfect gift.


Jared Boland headshot


Jared was recognized for being a true leader. He challenged ideas, ways of thinking, and approaches to doing things, and asked thoughtful questions that open paths for exploration and deeper understanding. He approached work and staff with the utmost respect and care and truly rooted for everyone’s individual and collective success at work and beyond.

Kwame Diko headshot


Kwame was recognized for his hard work on the SEE UTM application form and the overall process. He simplified the application in such a way that Peel District School Board members, guidance counsellors and future students have a smooth understanding of how the application works.


Monica Lewis headshot


Monica was recognized for being excellent to work with, having a noticeable learner-centered approach and being highly knowledgeable.