U of T Celebrates its ‘True Blue’ Faculty, Librarians, & Staff

U of T ranks among the best universities globally because of outstanding employees whose efforts support and improve our tri-campus community. The University’s True Blue Award recognizes and celebrates some of our exemplary faculty, librarians, and staff whose contributions make U of T an excellent place to work.

We are pleased to announce our most recent recipients of the True Blue Award. These individuals were nominated for a True Blue Award when their colleagues sent them a True Blue Recognition on the True Blue Recognition Platform between December 2022 and February 2023. Join us in celebrating these individuals who went above and beyond in their commitment to the University.

True Blue Recognitions highlight the outstanding daily contributions of our faculty, librarians, & staff. Expressing gratitude for our colleague’s work is an integral part of fostering a culture of inclusion and appreciation at the University of Toronto.

Meet some of our latest ‘True Blue’

December 2022


Anna Weigt-Bienzle headshot


Anna was recognized for creativity and leadership in bringing to life Joe’s Basketball Diaries. Anna’s work effortlessly bridged portfolios and deepened the University’s ties with our extended community.

Ellie Hisama headshot


Ellie was recognized for her leadership, energy and enthusiasm. Her colleagues were grateful for her presence, energy and enthusiasm. Her colleagues specifically noted the great job she did implementing the Future Sound 6ix program- a terrific way to extend pathways to music.


Harun Bola headshot


Harun was recognized for their ongoing commitment to the Faculty of Medicine. Harun’s colleagues noted Harun consistently contributes to any task, without complaint, going above and beyond their duties in training others, supporting faculty members’ initiatives and taking initiative in enhancing the Faculty’s teaching collections. Harun’s work commitment and quality in preparing resources for our students is outstanding.

Jeanette Manuel headshot


Jeanette was recognized for her leadership in working with the Social Committee to organize UTC’s Summer Picnic, the Holiday event, and the Holiday activities at Communications House. These events helped UTC’s tri-campus team come together and boosted morale and team-building. Events like this are critical to help the team feel connected.


Marisa Sterling headshot


Marisa was recognized for her leadership, thoughtful contributions and participation with this year’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women Planning Committee.

Joyce Dong headshot


Joyce was recognized for helping to migrate all reports under online ROSI queries to PowerBI. These new reports will be extremely useful for all our departments and for the Staff in the office of the Registrar.

January 2023


Davina Chan headshot


Davina was recognized for her amazing leadership with both the HUB & marketing and communication teams. Her team has introduced many new processes that have made things much smoother for everyone.

Hunain Kochra headshot


Hunain was recognized for supporting a big presentation to Science Co-op Chairs. His ability to provide important data sets was key in the ability to demonstrate why we are bringing forward these significant changes for consideration. This data support and work allows the team to work strategically.


Oluwatobi Mohammed headshot


Oluwatobi was recognized for her involvement, leadership & time as a mentor in the SEE UTM program. The SEE high school students appreciated having undergrad mentors like Oluwatobi.

Samira Adam headshot


Samira was recognized for her guidance, support and consistent drive to make processes better and easier for staff. She is appreciated for actively seeking innovation, collaborating with all stakeholders and actively supporting the team through truly busy times.


Tatevik Zakharyan headshot


Tatevik was recognized for her super-human efforts organizing the ADR process. Her dedication, attention to detail and patience were invaluable through this challenging process.

Taylor Medeiros headshot


Joyce was recognized for helping to migrate all reports under online ROSI queries to PowerBI. These new reports will be extremely useful for all our departments and for the Staff in the office of the Registrar.

February 2023


Amanda Weaver headshot


Amanda was recognized for her fair and thorough workplace investigation on behalf of the University. Amanda kept in view the principles of procedural fairness, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Elicia Bryant headshot


Elicia was recognized for her leadership, professionalism and adaptive expertise during the 2023 Admissions Cycle. She brought a thoughtful and innovative, detail-oriented and inclusive approach that created a warm and welcoming environment for the potential candidates, residents, faculty members, and our Department of Family & Community Medicine administrative staff.


Oje Izirein headshot


Oje was recognized for going above and beyond to help host the 1T5 Civ/Min fundraising event; from planning to post event feedback, working behind the scenes to ‘working the room.’ The event will have a meaningful impact on engagement numbers as well as fundraising success.

Raquel Russell headshot


Raquel was recognized for her work and commitment to her team and UTSC. Her kindness seeps out around her and she is very appreciated by her team – she way to embodies citizenship at UTSC!