The University of Toronto recognized as a top employer in Canada for the 14th consecutive year

The University of Toronto has been named one of Canada’s top employers for 2021.

The Canada’s Top 100 Employers designation is a national benchmark for workplace best-practices. Top Employers are scored on eight criteria: physical workplace; work atmosphere and communications; financial benefits & compensation; health & family-friendly benefits; vacation and personal time-off; employee engagement & performance; training and skills development; and community involvement. The 2021 results were published in the Globe and Mail on November 13, 2020.

Each year, HR & Equity submits an application to be considered one of Canada’s top employers. The application includes a summary of the collective efforts the University of Toronto undertakes each year to improve our workplace. Some of the reasons for U of T’s selection for the 2021 award include our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, the programming and resources offered by the Family Care Office and Health and Well-being Office, our contributions to employees’ defined benefit pension plan, and health benefits that extend to retirees.

“U of T is committed to fostering a world class teaching, learning, and working environment. The promotion of an inclusive work culture that holistically supports employees’ well-being and career development is a cornerstone of our success,” said Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice-President, HR & Equity. “Being recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2021 is a product of collective work of our community and our longstanding commitment to excellence.”

U of T introduced a variety of new initiatives in 2019 and 2020 that contributed to a healthy and inclusive work environment, and provided the supports necessary for our faculty, librarians, and staff to succeed in their careers. The Division of HR & Equity hired its inaugural Executive Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Karima Hashmani, who is designing an institutional equity strategy, coordinating the activities of Equity Offices, developing metrics, and fostering a culture of belonging. The 2019 Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Report provides more information about our tri-campus equity initiatives.

In keeping with our commitment to a healthy workplace, HR & Equity also launched the Integrated Wellness Initiative to respond to employees’ wellness needs and enhance the coordination, collaboration, and communication of wellness programs across U of T services and systems. Our newly developed virtual Wellness Hub for faculty, librarians, and staff offers a range of tri-campus resources to address employees’ physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being. This holistic initiative expanded and diversified our suite of wellness supports to better support the diverse needs of our community

The University of Toronto has more than 20,000 faculty, librarians, and staff work across our three campuses in the Greater Toronto Area. Each individual plays a vital role in advancing the University’s mission to foster an environment in which learning and scholarship flourish.