HR&E launches new HR Technology Roadmap website

Human Resources & Equity, in partnership with Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI), is pleased to announce the launch of the new HR Technology Roadmap website.

The site provides a comprehensive overview of the new HR Technology Program, which aims to modernize the HR systems and launch new tools to create a more cohesive and efficient digital workplace. The site includes benefits of the program, project descriptions, along with program milestones.

The technology plan is expected to save U of T $1.5 million annually.

“Over the next three to five years we’ll be transforming the HR landscape,” says Cathy Eberts, director of EASI. “The benefits of this program are far reaching – from new service delivery models to improved team collaboration tools.”

The program’s projects include service desk software, a new document management hub for HR, improvements to ESS and MSS, a new Staff Learning Module, incident management and workplace safety software, and more.

“This program will not only modernize our systems and create a more integrated user experience, but  will also help U of T maintain its reputation as a leading employer.”

Browse the new website regularly for the latest updates on these projects.