Submitting HR Service Centre Requests to the HRIS Support Team

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share new improvements to the way requests are submitted to the HRIS Support team.

Business Officers are reminded that first point of contact for HRIS help is through the HR Service Centre (HRSC). An HRSC request must be created to allow for all inquiries to be queued in the sequence they are received for response.

To create a request for the HRIS Support team through the HR Service Centre, access the “Get Help” button from the home page.  Next, choose the functional area of ‘HR Systems (HRIS, ESS, SuccessFactors, etc.)’, and then specify the area of ‘HR Information Systems (HRIS)’.

Direct Link to HRIS Team Support:

HRIS Support Materials

Within the request page, a link is provided for you to access HRIS support materials in the HRIS Systems Training & Support Centre.

Submitting a Request: Process Tips
When submitting a request, you will be asked to provide the ‘Subject Person’ for your inquiry.  Search for the Faculty, Librarian, or Staff member by typing in their first and last name, or their personnel number.

Outline your question for the support team by providing specific details including dates, position number, etc. Add any relevant attachments by clicking on the paperclip icon.  Finally, click ‘Next’, then ‘Submit’.

Providing specific details and subject person information in your request greatly assists the HRIS support team in providing you with an accurate and timely resolution.  Note that no notifications will be sent to the subject person regarding your inquiry.

Additional Tips:

  • If searching by last name only, start your search with an asterisk (*).
  • If your inquiry is general in nature, and not related to any specific subject person, please check the box ‘Not Applicable’.
  • If your inquiry is regarding more than one subject person, please create separate requests.

Tracking Your HRSC Requests

Updates and a resolution to your inquiry will be communicated to you through HRSC notifications.  If you are satisfied with the resolution, please ‘Accept’ the resolution when prompted to do so.

  • If you do not accept or reject the resolution provided, your request will be closed automatically within seven days. Once a request is closed, it cannot be updated or reopened.
  • If you feel the response did not address your question, within seven days you may ‘Reject’ the resolution and provide a detailed reason. This information will update your original request for the HRIS Support team to review.
  • If you have a new question, or if your original request has been closed after seven days, please create a new request through the ‘Get Help’ button.
  • Your closed requests can be viewed through the HR Service Centre by accessing ‘My Requests’ from the top menu bar, then choosing in the dropdown menu to view your Closed requests.

Note: The HRIS Support team is committed to providing you with a response within 48 hours. If the ticket is not assigned directly following the steps outlined above, this may cause delays.