The 2023 Pinnacle Awards Honours the outstanding contributions of Faculty Members, Librarians & Staff

The University of Toronto recognizes exceptional contributions made by its administrative staff, faculty members, and librarians through the  Pinnacle Awards Program. These awards aim to highlight the significant role of these individuals in supporting the University’s mission to foster an academic community where every member’s learning and scholarship can flourish across the tri-campus.

The Pinnacle Awards Program comprises three distinct awards, the Chancellor’s Leadership Award, the President’s Excellence Award, and the Ludwik & Estelle Jus Memorial Human Rights Prize. Through a partnership with the Division of University Advancement, the awards are a component of the University’s broader Awards of Excellence Program.

Chancellor’s Leadership Award

The Chancellor’s Leadership Award recognizes administrative staff (unionized and non-unionized) and librarians who demonstrate exceptional leadership and significantly advance the university’s mission. In 2023, the Chancellor’s Leadership Award has been presented to four recipients in three award categories.

2023 Influential Leader Award Recipient:

  • Ron Saporta, Chief Operating Officer, Property Services & Sustainability, Operations & Real Estate Partnerships

2023 Distinguished Leader Award Recipient:

  • Peter Hurley, Chief Administrative Officer, Department of Physics, Faculty of Arts & Science

2023 Emerging Leader Award Recipients:

  • Heather Hines, Director of Office, Office of the Vice-President & Principal, University of Toronto Mississauga
  • Lachmi Singh, Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and Director, Education Programs & Administrative Services, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

President’s Excellence Award

The President’s Excellence Award honors administrative staff and librarians for their outstanding service to the university and their contributions in enhancing the university experience. This year, the President’s Excellence Award has been presented to five recipients in three award categories.

2023 Influential Excellence Award Recipient:

  • Alex Brat, Senior Executive Director, Labour Relations, People Strategy, Equity & Culture

2023 Distinguished Excellence Award Recipients:

  • Caroline Rabbat, Director, High Risk, Faculty Support & Mental Health, Faculty of Arts & Science, and Director, Centre for Graduate Mentorship & Supervision
  • Anuar Rodrigues, Executive Director of Strategy, Office of the Vice-President and Principal, University of Toronto Mississauga

2023 Emerging Excellence Award Recipients:

  • Gloria Zangari Cuneo, Director, University Family Housing, University Operations & Real Estate Partnerships
  • Nader Boutros, Director, Human Resources, University of Toronto Mississauga

Ludwik & Estelle Jus Memorial Human Rights Prize

The Ludwik & Estelle Jus Memorial Human Rights Prize celebrates members of the U of T community who have made significant and enduring contributions in the fields of scholarship, service to others, or action against discrimination. In 2023, the Award is presented to two influential leaders.

2023 Influential Leader Award Recipients:

  • Sophia Moreau, Professor, Faculty of Law
  • Cheryl Suzack, Associate Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Arts & Science

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2022-23 Pinnacle Awards. Your accomplishments are a testament to the excellence and commitment of U of T’s administrative staff, faculty members, and librarians.