Louise Beckley, Senior HR Consultant, Retires

After working with the University of Toronto for 39 years Louise Beckley, Manager, HR Services at  U of T Scarborough, has retired.

In early 1982, Louise was working at Algonquin College in Ottawa when she heard about a position opening at U of T Scarborough. The interview went so well, and she was such a perfect fit for the position that she began work that very afternoon.

Louise’s career developed as the U of T Scarborough HR department grew, exposing her to a wide variety of projects and opportunities, and culminating in managing a wonderful team of people. Indeed, what kept Louise coming back each morning to the Scarborough campus was the closely knit community.

“I have a lot of good friends as a result of working there and a lot of great colleagues, and I’m very fortunate for that.”

Louise found that the UTSC campus, where nearly everyone knew each other and she could tell who was in the office by looking at the cars in the parking lot, was a welcome reminder of the small town in which she grew up. However, looking back on her time at the University, she also encourages staff to take any opportunity to work across the tri-campus.

“It’s important to see how departments function and how things happen at the university,” said Louise. She also recommends participating in any tri-campus working groups and committees, as an excellent opportunity to gain broader perspectives.  

In retirement, Louise looks forward to gardening and spending time fixing up her family property, north of Peterborough. She is also considering volunteering in long-term care, and would love to travel more as restrictions allow.

Please join us in wishing Louise Beckley a happy, healthy and fulfilling retirement. We are truly grateful for the work and time she devoted to the betterment of U of T, and for the selfless and caring co-worker she was.