Launch of the People Leadership Program Pilot

The Centre for Learning, Leadership & Culture (LLC) launched the People Leadership Program pilot with a recent event at the Faculty Club. The primary objective of the 12-month program is to support participants in building the skills and behaviours that fosters trust between themselves and their employees.

“This is the first leadership program to focus on people leadership. In organizations where people are the drivers of success, we’re excited that this program supports a more collaborative and inclusive culture,” said Linda Hills, Director, Learning & Leadership Development.

During the launch event, the participants were introduced to the Partner-Centric Leadership model, which prioritizes trust and collaboration, and participated in a creative hands-on exercise. The event was capped off with a dinner to give the participants a chance to get to know each other better and set the stage for their year-long journey together.

The participants are currently engaged in the first part of the four-part program – a three-month interactive e-learning course where they engage with the content and other participants in the program via discussion questions. In February, they received one-on-one debriefs with a certified coach on an initial 360 assessment, to help the participants gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by their teams.

The next part of the program begins in April, when the participants’ direct reports will learn about their role in Partner-Centric Leadership. The involvement of direct reports in leadership training is not common practice, but as the Partner-Centric model of leadership is about the relationship between leaders and their teams, it is critical for direct reports to understand their role and actively support the novel approach.

With the program off to a fantastic start, we are expecting to see the positive impacts on participants, their teams, the University, and the wider community. The hope is that the program will help each participant become a more effective and inclusive leader who values every employee and ensures that each member of their team feels like they belong.