July 2013 Salary Increase Process for Academics and Librarians

Date June 4, 2013
To HRIS Users
From HRIS Support Team
Re: July 2013 Salary Increase Process for Academics and Librarians


This communication is an overview of the July 2013 Salary Increase Process and a timetable of key dates for Academics and Librarians.

Please refer to the instructions provided by Office of the Vice Provost Faculty and Academic as well:

PDAD&C#71, 2011-12 Summary of the Salary and Benefits Agreement for Faculty and Librarians and Implementation Details for 2011/12 & 2012/13

Before salary increases can be entered into HRIS, the applicable approvals will be required. Downloads are ‘snapshots’ of the IT9009 Appointment Detail records in HRIS as of a specific day. As a reminder, the automated process does not update IT0014 from IT 9009 for Administrative Stipends.

Any changes made to HRIS will not appear until the next download is available. Downloads show basic data on each employee, (e.g. name, salary, funding).

To access all the available reports for this process please go to:

Human Resources > Information System > Personnel Management > Administration > Periodic Administration > UTFA



Business Officer

Available now Provides:

  • Data Verification Report
  • This report shows records that have inconsistent data and require corrections.

  • Data Verification Report


  • errors/discrepancies from the Data Verification Report
  • pay particular attention to errors/discrepancies related to IT0008, IT9009 and IT0027


  • If there are IT9009 records starting after July 1, 2013 (i.e. future records), these recordswill not be updated automatically and the Business Officer can start updating these records manually.
Corrections and updating Deadline: June 28, 2013 @ 4 pm.


Available on

July 2, 2013


  • July Processing Copy Button
  • Download #2
  • 9009-0008 Comparison Report

  • Download #2
  • 9009-0008 Comparison Report

Creates or changes:

  • 01.07.2013 9009 records with the PTR/Merit amount


  • all post-July IT9009 records to reflect the July 1st increases.


  • IT9009, 0008, 0027 for records that must be manually updated
Corrections and updating Deadline: July 12, 2013 @ 5 p.m.
July 12, 2013 after 5 pm
  • Updates all IT 9009 records with a 01.07.2013 segment with an ATB increase of 1% and a flat dollar increase of $1815, pro-rated for part-time faculty members and part-time librarians.
Available on

July 15, 2013


  • July 9009 Verification Download #3
  • Shows the details of the IT9009 records.
  • IT0008/IT0027 Automatic Batch Update and Error Report
  • Shows the updated and rejected records

  • July 9009 Verification Download #3. Checks that all Academic and Librarians have a 01.07.2013 Appointment Detail record.
  • IT0008/IT0027 Automatic Batch Update and Error Report.

NOTE: Department has 5 days to update corrections and rejected records

Corrections and updating Deadline: July 19 @ 5 p.m. – Monthly Pay Close
July 23, 2013 Provides

  • Post July 9009 Increase Download #4
  • Shows the details of the IT9009 records and salary amount on IT0008 as at the close of the monthly pay

  • Download #4

Any further corrections required must be updated in time for the August Pay using the regular HRIS process of updating IT9009, IT008 and IT0027, if applicable.

There will be NO FURTHER automatic updates on IT0008 and IT0027 by EASI.

To Locate Reports:

Path: Human Resources> Information System > Personnel Management > Administration>Periodic Administration > UTFA


  • Data Verification Report
  • IT0008/IT0027 Automatic Batch Update and error Report
  • July Download #2
  • July Verification Download #3
  • Post – July Increase Download #4
  • 9009-0008 Comparison Report

The monthly pay for July closes at 5 p.m. on July 19, 2013.

Please note that Central Payroll WILL NOT be issuing off-cycle cheques for missed, late or incorrect salary increase entries. Any adjustments or late entries in HRIS will be reflected in the next regular pay.

For Assistance

For interpretation of Human Resources policies or questions on salary adjustments or entitlements please consult your HR Office.

For inquiries on budget transfers, consult your Budget Officer.

For inquiries on updating salary increases (for example: exceptions or rejections), contact EASI Client Services using the AMS Help Form.

If you are new to this process or would like a refresher, Annual Increase Processing training sessions will be offered on Thursday July 11, 2013. Please register for one of the sessions via HRIS Course Registration & Calendar of Events.

If the following exceptions are corrected prior to the deadline of July 12, 2013 @ 5 p.m.  The HRIS Team WILL automatically update these records.

(A) June 30/13: 9009 Sal <> 0008 Sal;
The ‘Annual Salary To’ on IT9009 does not equal the Annual Salary on IT0008 as of June 30, 2013
Action: Correct IT9009 or IT0008 to bring the records in sync

(B) There are 9009 and or 0008 starting July l/13 or later;
The effective date on IT9009/0008 is July 1, 2013 or in the future. The automatic update of the employee record will not take place because records updated effective July 1, 2013 would overwrite any future records in HRIS. Only records active on July 1, 2013 will be selected to update Basic Pay and Cost Distribution, IT9009 records with a future date must be adjusted by the Business Officer.
Action: Review your records and adjust where necessary. Please note that future Basic Pay and Cost Distribution records will be overwritten.

(F) IT0001 ends on June 30/13;
The ending date on an IT0001 is June 30, 2013.
Action: Review the record. (This message normally appears with other messages.)

(I) Missing 9009 for June 30/13;
There is no active IT9009 record on June 30, 2013. The IT9009 screen must be created in order for the automatic update to IT0008/IT0027 to take place.
Action: Create the missing 9009 record.

(J) IT0008 ends <9999;
The ending date on IT0008 is prior to 31.12.9999. A current IT0008 should never have an end date prior to 31.12.9999.
Action: Review and correct.

(K) IT0027 Error;
There is no active IT0027 record.
Action: Create the missing 0027 record.

(L) 9009 funding <> 0027;
The funding information on IT9009 does not match the cost assignment data on IT0027.
Action: Review and correct.

(O) IT9009 ends June 30/13;
The employee has an appointment that ends June 30/13. Please verify that this is correct by checking your 9009 screens. Please note that if the employee has multiple positions, this message will appear as a warning only.

(P) IT9009 Invalid End Date for Contract Type;
The Contract Type must be ‘continuing’ if the end date is Dec 31, 9999.

The following exceptions must be updated by the Business Officer; the HRIS Team WILL NOT automatically update these exception records:

(H) Multiple Wagetypes;

There are multiple wage types on IT0008, e.g. an employee may be on a leave of absence such as Maternity or Research Leave. The automatic update of the employee record will not take place. All July 1, 2013 records must be updated by the Business Officer.

Leave-of-Absence:  employees on paid leave of absence including Maternity Leave are entitled to salary increases.  For further instructions on the processing of maternity records, effective July 1, 2013, contact the Payroll Department.

Action: Business Officer must update IT9009 and then contact the Central Payroll Department to update basic pay IT0008.

(S) Stipend in Basic Pay:

The employee subgroup is “F7” and has a payscale  group of “Stipend” in basic pay.

Action: Business Officer must update IT9009, IT0008 and IT0014 screens.

No Action Required:

(G) Terminated by July1/13

(N) Employees that are not eligible (Senior Salary list, Non Tenure Stream Clinicians)

(U) On Unpaid Leave as of June 30/13:
The employee has an unpaid leave of absence code. No action is required at this time.

If you require further assistance with interpreting these messages or updating HRIS, please contact HRIS Team using the AMS Help Form.

If you are new to this process or would like a refresher, Annual Increase Processing training sessions will be offered on Thursday July 11, 2013. Please register for one of the sessions via HRIS Course Registration & Calendar of Events.