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Introducing the University of Toronto Career Community

April 14, 2015

What is the Career Community?

The Career Community is an innovative, interactive and dynamic online community offering customized career support and information to appointed staff at all levels and stages of career at U of T. It offers useful resources to help U of T with job applications, their career, and networking.

What are some highlights of the Career Community?

  • A networking database featuring dozens of individuals at U of T who are willing to meet and talk about their roles and careers.
  • A series of U of T Career Clips featuring a broad range of staff explaining their roles, challenges, skills and qualifications.
  • Podcasts and webinars providing up to date and specific information on job applications tailored for the U of T environment. This includes sample resumes, cover letters, interview resources and an explanation of the 20 job groupings at U of T.
  • An interactive Community Forum where staff can share success stories and strategies that have supported their career development at U of T.

Who can use it?

The Career Community is for all appointed staff at U of T. Every staff member can benefit and contribute at all levels and on all three campuses.

Who manages the Career Community?

The Career Community is moderated by the team at the Organizational Development and Learning Centre (ODLC). Its evolution will be managed by a range of staff who take responsibility for developing its direction and content.

What is the Career Community Forum?

The community forum is a space to ask questions and find answers to a wide range of U of T specific career issues. It is an opportunity for you to share your experience at UofT with others and to learn from their career experiences.

How can you get involved?

The Career Community is a resource you can both contribute to and benefit from, at all levels and on all three campuses. You can contribute by:

  • Joining the networking database and encouraging others to do so
  • Volunteering to record a career clip or host a webinar
  • Offering your expertise in critiquing our resources in the development phase
  • Providing input on future phases of the Career Community Site

How can I access the site?


Sign up for the Career Community listserv by April 30th to get regular community news, and you will be entered for a draw to win some great prizes.