Ihab Khalil awarded 2023 Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award

Headshot of Ihab Khalil, Chief Operations Officer for the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture (PSEC)

Ihab Khalil, Chief Operations Officer for the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture (PSEC), has been awarded the prestigious Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award for his exemplary leadership, unwavering dedication, and inspirational attitude.  

Khalil joined the University from the government sector in 2020 as Director of Finance and Operations in the Division of Human Resources & Equity. In 2022, he took on the role and responsibilities of Chief Operations Officer for the Division of PSEC. Throughout his tenure, Khalil has exhibited a profound understanding of the importance of maintaining larger strategic goals amidst leadership changes, urgent issues, and real-world uncertainties, all while ensuring the steady progress of PSEC’s wide-ranging activities. 

As a leader, Khalil’s wealth of expertise in risk and strategy, coupled with his deep understanding of public sector operations, has proven invaluable in navigating the complex challenges the University faces. As a colleague, he is highly regarded for his wisdom, sense of humor, and positive attitude, and his advice and counsel are highly sought after. 

Khalil’s visionary leadership has had a profound impact on the Division’s work culture. He has actively promoted collaboration, connection, and engagement across PSEC’s many teams, fostering an atmosphere of openness and trust. His inclusive style, which values diverse opinions and perspectives, has earned admiration and respect from colleagues. 

“Ihab is a consummate ambassador for the Division,” noted Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice-President, PSEC. “His willingness to support leaders and their teams with any issue has been instrumental in building networks and strengthening relationships between our Division and the larger University.” 

One of Khalil’s most significant contributions to the Division is the creation of an efficient and effective organizational structure that better fosters collaboration and communication among team members. He also spearheaded an extensive project to first document, then improve all business processes and governance-related activities within the Division. Through his development of best practices and processes for financial management, Khalil has revolutionized the way financial matters are understood, and instilled a culture of excellence and accountability within the Division, significantly enhancing its overall performance. 

Beyond his exceptional professional achievements, Khalil has been commended for his tendency to lighten seemingly impossible situations and navigate challenging conversations. His skills as a communicator makes him both a strong negotiator and relationship-builder. 

“I have long admired Ihab’s inclusive style and his ability to bring people together,” shared Archana Sridhar, Assistant Provost. “He is a tremendous contributor to Simcoe Hall and to the University more broadly.” 

The Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award recognizes Khalil as an exceptional leader whose dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on the Division and serve as an inspiration for all those who have had the opportunity of working with him.