New HRIS reporting solution launching this month

3 reasons you’ll love the new HRIS reporting solution

In our ongoing efforts to support and streamline payroll processing and reporting, we are pleased to announce that five new customized reports will become available to HRIS users this month. These reports are being delivered as part of the HR Technology Roadmap, a partnership between the Division of HR & Equity and Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration with the goal of modernizing the University’s HR systems and digital workplace tools.

These new reports, launching on March 28, will address a number of processing needs identified by payroll staff and HRIS users:

  1. Greater reporting efficiencies. The new reports make it easier to extract data within HRIS, increasing the efficiency of day-to-day reporting.
  2. Secure and distributed reporting. The new reports use existing SAP access and security roles, allowing for reports to be distributed through Manager Self-Service.
  3. Improved payroll processing accuracy and reconciliation. These reports allow HRIS users to audit the payroll / benefit data before and after payroll runs, significantly reducing errors.

These new reports will improve data integrity and should translate into a better client experience for HRIS users.

Still not convinced? Here’s what the original test group of more than 30 HRIS users had to say:

  • This provides us with a simple and quick resolution to reporting gaps”
  • “A big improvement of HRIS data allowing for more analysis capability’
  • “A much more intuitive and user-friendly tool compared to our current setup”’

Upon exploring these new reports, please share your feedback with the team at

Learn more about these reports

Explore how the new reporting solution works on the HR & Equity website and register for related training sessions.