Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

HR & Equity’s Ian MacEachern awarded 2020 Simcoe Hall Vice-President’s Award

Recognizing his commitment to providing the best pension, payroll, and benefits services for all faculty, librarians, and staff at the University of Toronto, Ian MacEachern has been awarded a Simcoe Hall Vice-President’s Award for 2020. 

Since joining the Division of HR & Equity in November 2018, Ian has become an essential member of the team, making significant contributions to his portfolio and playing an indispensable role in a number of key institutional initiatives.  

Ian is a highly respected subject matter expert and is dedicated to supporting and advancing discussions and initiatives related to benefits, pension, and payroll at the University of Toronto. His leadership and forward-thinking approach have allowed his portfolio to improve its overall service delivery and value to our community. His willingness to consider special employee requests in unique circumstances demonstrates Ian’s in-depth understanding of U of T’s complex and diverse employee needs.  

Ian’s contributions to the discussions, key decisions and overall transition to the University Pension Plan (UPP) have ensured that our University community has had the information and resources they have needed as the project has moved through each phase. With Ian’s support, the University of Toronto successfully obtained approval for the UPP from our employees and satisfied the Ontario Government’s many legal requirements. Ian has been an integral part of the incredibly complex and ongoing process required to transition from the University of Toronto Pension Plan to the UPP. His dedication to ensuring that all employee stakeholders feel knowledgeable and confident in this transition demonstrates Ian’s commitment to our community. 

Despite his brief tenure with the University, Ian has already made a lasting impact at the University of Toronto. His professional acumen, adaptability, and the commitment to excellence he demonstrates in all initiatives make him a clear choice for the Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award,” said Erin Jackson, Chief HR Officer, Division of HR & Equity. I am thrilled to have Ian as a member of my leadership team, and I am incredibly grateful to him for the significant and continued contributions he makes to our University community.  

When Ian isn’t expertly overseeing HR service delivery, the University’s many benefit plans, or the implementation of the UPP, he serves as a mentor to his team members. Ian is a thoughtful leader who encourages his team to seek the resources and professional development they need to succeed in the workplace and beyond. An exceptional University citizen who has already built a reputation as subject matter expert among colleagues across the University’s three campuses and beyond, Ian’s technical skills, deep knowledge, strategic thinking and unflappability have and will to continue to have deep impact on advancing the mission of the University of Toronto.