Employee engagement survey – high level results released

May 15, 2015

Results from the latest Speaking Up Employee Experience Survey indicate that staff and faculty are proud to work at the University of Toronto (U of T) and that the majority would recommend U of T as a good place to work:

  • 88% of employees indicated that they “feel proud” to work at U of T
  • 87% of employees would recommend U of T as a “good place to work”

Thousands of U of T colleagues completed the survey last fall answering questions on a number of topics including, leadership and management, work design, performance and recognition, safety, tools and resources, communications, diversity and equity, growth and development, cooperation and collegiality, and workload and balance.

The survey project team is examining the survey results to aid the development of institutional initiatives and to gain a better understanding of the experiences of the diverse U of T community of faculty, staff and librarians.

Divisions will receive their specific results this month and will be encouraged to develop plans to address those areas needing improvement for the fall.

Watch the Bulletin, or visit our Initiatives webpage for more information about the survey results and stories about how the survey is leading to positive changes across the University.

About the Survey

A joint initiative of the Offices of the Vice-President & Provost and the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity, the Speaking Up Faculty & Staff Experience Survey included a number of questions that are designed to give a big picture view of the staff and faculty work experience at U of T.

The inaugural survey was conducted in 2006, with a second edition administered in 2010. The third edition of the survey ran in the fall of 2014.