HRIS Updates regarding Personal Emergency Leave and Statutory Holiday Pay for Casuals

Date: February 12, 2017
To: Business Officers (via AMS Listserv)
From: Central Payroll Services & HRIS Support Team, Division of Human Resources & Equity

The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 (Bill 148) came into force on January 1, 2018. Effective February 12, 2018, the following resulting changes are now available in HRIS.

Paid / Unpaid Emergency Leave for Casual Employees

Eligible non-appointed employees can now receive up to 10 personal Emergency Leave days per calendar year (two paid and eight unpaid days). In many cases, the University of Toronto offers generous employment terms including wages, benefits, and vacation periods that in most cases well exceed the minimum requirements set out in the Act. To confirm eligibility for paid days, please contact your Divisional HR Office.

Processing Emergency Leave days in HRIS

  • On-line up to two Paid Emergency Leave Days under Info Type 2002 Attendances
    • New Reason Code ‘EL – Emergency Leave Paid Casual’ is set up for each Regular Hour Attendance Type under Info Type 2002 Attendances in Time Management
  • On-line up to eight Unpaid Emergency Leave Days under Info Type 2001 Absences
    • New Absence Type ‘2565 – Emergency Leave Unpaid Casual’ is setup under Info Type 2001 Absences in time Management to record the unpaid emergency leave days.


See sample screenshot below for both scenarios:

screenshot from HRIS software


Statutory Holiday Pay for Casual Employees

Effective January 1, 2018, public holiday pay is calculated so that employees receive their average regular daily wage.

In HRIS, the Statutory Holiday Pay for Casuals Report (Transaction Code ‘ZHMR188_STAT_CASUAL’) has been configured to calculate statutory holiday pay based on the new calculation below.  For more information on how to run this report, please see the Statutory Holiday Pay for Casuals Report demo.

For more details regarding the new calculation rule, please contact Central Payroll Services at

The eligibility criteria for an employee’s statutory pay remains unchanged from provisions previously set out by the Employment Standards Act (2000).

Please note that all attendance records must be entered on Time Management (IT 2052, 2002, 2001) in order to have the program accurately calculate the statutory pay in HRIS.

Questions about these changes?

For payroll-related questions, please contact Central Payroll Services.

For HRIS-related questions, please contact HRIS Help Desk.

For more information regarding the new legislative changes, please see