Congratulations to all who completed U of T’s 10,000 Steps Challenge

Congratulations to all 901 staff and 129 teams who walked an average of 10,778 steps daily per person and more than 301 million steps in total (equivalent to more than 230,000 kms) in U of T’s 10,000 Steps Challenge in May 2023. For context, walking 230,000 kilometres would get you approximately five and a half times around the earth’s circumference at the equator!

The results are in:

  • First Prize for the team with the highest average number of steps is LES do it!
  • Second Prize for team participation drawn at random is ROCO Rollers
  • Third Prize for team participation drawn at random is UTM Happy Feet Crew

A steps conversion table was available for those who preferred to cycle or for individuals with physical challenges. Each of the winning teams received a gift card for UberEats to have a celebratory team lunch.

We congratulate all 129 teams who participated and appreciate their team spirit, effort, and determination to improve activity levels.

Out of 99 challenge survey respondents,

  • 90% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the steps challenge motivated them to improve their level of physical activity.
  • 84% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the steps challenge supported team morale and engagement.

We asked our top individual performers for testimonials in hopes to inspire everyone to stay active. Check them out below:

“The Challenge came at a good time for me. I needed to reconnect with exercise after the winter so I had been running in the mornings and walking in the evenings and found that the Challenge made me extend that instead of stopping.  I had an additional push this month: my six-year-old has discovered Pokemon Go and so we went together on regular 4-6km walks to collect Pokemon, battle and have fun together in the fresh air, connecting with each other and with the nature in the ravines in North York.”
Simon Swain

“This challenge has reminded me that with some creativity, it’s not hard to stay active even while performing our daily tasks. Physically I feel great, but more rewarding was the opportunity to connect closer to my teammates over a shared interest. So, keep moving all day even if your colleagues look at you weirdly and think you need to use the washroom!”
– Lynne H.

“Loved the challenge! I just started as a participant supporting a team but found myself leading the team in a few days, adding to my motivation. This created a challenge within the challenge in the sense that some team members started competing against me…healthy, of course and with good results! We did fairly well on the Leaderboard and kept the spot until the end. I was doing everything from Zumba to running, skipping and walking, I felt great and realized my stamina for running was improving, I was turning some fat to muscles and stress almost did not exist. I was outdoors much more than ever and loving it. The overall sense of wellbeing is so good that I am continuing this routine even past May.”
Anonymous Top Individual Participant

“Mom of three lets the laundry pile high! Majority of the steps happened when I cycled in the early morning, during lunch and after work before I picked up my kids. The challenge pushed me to cycle longer in the times that I could, and not rush back to complete menial tasks that could wait. The outcome was a glorious month of focusing on myself and everyone else survived; and learned to sort their own clothes.”
Anonymous Top Individual Participant

“This incredible journey began with my commitment to leading an active and healthy lifestyle six years ago when I signed up for a triathlon race, and it soon became an integral part of my daily life. One of the significant contributors to my step challenge success was my decision to incorporate daily walks into my commute to work and as an environmental science technician, I often find myself engaged in field courses that involve a substantial amount of walking. This allowed me to reduce my carbon footprint and accumulate steps effortlessly and stay physically active throughout the day.

Additionally, during my lunch breaks, I started a running group that met regularly. Being a part of this enthusiastic group provided me with the opportunity to engage in high-energy workouts and offered a sense of camaraderie and motivation. We ran around the campus and trails, fostering a healthy and supportive community. This running group became a highlight of my day, enabling me to escape my sedentary office routine.

However, the true test of my dedication came with my long-distance weekend rides. One of my annual adventures is to complete a ride from Scarborough to Niagara Falls – approximately 180 kilometers. This journey allowed me to experience the thrill of conquering great distances, witness breathtaking landscapes, and push my physical limits.

Overall, my participation in the step challenge was an incredibly rewarding experience. Through my daily walks to work, my lunchtime running group, and the hours I spent on the bike, I witnessed significant improvements in my physical fitness, mental clarity, and overall happiness. I eagerly look forward to continuing this journey of health, well-being, and accomplishing even greater milestones.”
– Chai Chen

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