Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

Enhancing Career Development: changes to ODLC structure/organization and leadership

Over the next year, the ODLC will undergo an organizational transformation to better help U of T employees fulfil their career potential. This transformation is informed by internal and external reviews of the Organizational Development & Learning Centre (ODLC) that have been conducted over the past two years. The resulting report, published in late 2017, made 11 recommendations that will steer the centre’s future direction.

“The ODLC provides crucial resources, tools, and consultative services that help U of T employees maximize their personal and professional potential,” says Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice President, Human Resources & Equity. “The benefits of this review are far reaching and allow us to better understand and meet the diverse needs of our 10,000 administrative employees.”

The report found that the ODLC has consistently provided a broad range of quality training and development courses, programs and activities including career and work-life coaching for approximately 25% of its target employees.

The report’s long and short-term recommendations are based on the ODLC’s identified strengths and areas for development. Recommendations include:

  • Ensure continuous learning and staff development is identified as a top priority for the University by reinforcing the role managers have in supporting and facilitating staff participation in ODLC programs
  • Offer diverse learning delivery methods to address individual learning styles and multi-generational expectations, and time constraints relevant to all employee groups
  • Develop a career development program that supports all employee groups in their career growth and provides readily accessible information and development opportunities for career progression
  • Broaden senior leadership development

“To fully realize the recommendations put forth in the report and align with the priorities of the Vice-President, HR & Equity we will be redefining the focus of the ODLC unit,” says Erin Jackson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources & Equity. “This will ensure that staff of all levels have the opportunity to develop to their highest potential.”

To drive many of the changes recommended in the report, the previous role of Director, Organizational & Leadership Development has now been revised to a Director, Learning & Leadership Development. This new role will foster an environment of continuous learning and staff development and provide strategic oversight of organizational and staff development services across all three campuses of the University. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 5.

“We’ve heard the feedback and there is a need for leadership development,” says Jackson. “The Director will be responsible for determining the strategic vision for the department and the implementation of staff development strategies, policies and programs that support all administrative staff at all three campuses.”

Further recommendations will be implemented in the coming months with the goal of creating an ODLC that supports the University of Toronto as a world class institution and employer of choice. More information will be provided as recommendations are implemented.

“These important and ongoing changes are essential to offering professional development services that work for all employees,” says Jackson. “We sincerely thank the ODLC team for their ongoing engagement as we move through this transition.”

Read the full Report on the Review of the University of Toronto’s Organizational Development & Learning Centre

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