Changes to Fast Entry Position Maintenance & Reclassification

As part of the Manager Self-Service (MSS) project, EASI and the HRIS Support team have been working to optimize the Position Maintenance screen. This led to the development of the Fast Entry Position Maintenance / Reclassification screens in HRIS to ensure that we have the best data integrity possible and a positive user-experience when HR is maintaining positions.

Following several months of requirement gathering, development, and user acceptance testing, the Fast Entry Position Maintenance / Reclassification screens have been created to include everything HR needs to update an existing position in one place.  In particular, reporting relationships are now required when using these Fast Entry screens.

Following a transitional period to allow for any retroactive changes, the HRIS Support Team will be discontinuing access to position maintenance / reclassification through P013 for the majority of HRIS users. Over the next several weeks, we encourage you to use the enhanced Fast Entry screens whenever making changes to an existing position.

Training Available

To learn more about the enhancements to Fast Entry Position Creation / Maintenance / Reclassification, we invite you to participate in training on the following dates:

Training documentation on how to use the enhanced Fast Entry screens is now available on the HR & Equity website.

Next Steps

The MSS project team will provide ample notice to all HR professionals before access to P013 is discontinued, and will be reaching out to individual Divisional HR Offices to ensure that their needs are met by the new Fast Entry screens prior to any further action.

As a result of the Consistent JD Project, there will be further changes to the Position Creation, Maintenance, and Reclassification process in HRIS in the coming months. More information on these changes and the resulting training will be shared as soon as possible

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