Changes to Employment Insurance (EI) Parental Leave in effect December 3, 2017

Recently, the Federal Government announced changes to Employment Insurance (EI) Special Benefits. The changes will affect new parents whose child is born or placed with them for adoption on or after December 3, 2017.

While EI pregnancy benefits will remain at a maximum of 15 weeks, parents will be able to choose either the standard parental benefits of 35 weeks or extended parental benefits of 61 weeks (at a reduced benefit rate). Employees will have to choose one option at the time of their application for EI.

The Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) has also been amended effective December 3, 2017, to provide parental leave of up to 61 weeks (63 weeks for an employee who did not take pregnancy leave) for employees whose child is born or comes into the employee’s custody, care and control for the first time on or after December 3, 2017.

On January 1, 2017, the Federal Government reduced the two-week waiting period to a one-week waiting period. The University is working to implement this change. Once available, additional communications about changes resulting from Bill 148 will be shared and posted to the HR & Equity website.

For more information:

Please contact the Family Care Office at or 416.978.0951.

Visit Employment and Social Development Canada for additional details about the upcoming changes to the Parental Leave Benefits and other Special Benefits.