Celebrating Excellence: PSEC Awards of Distinction Luncheon Honours Outstanding Achievements

Group photo of some of the Awards of Distinction recipients.
From top left: Monica Seymour, Sharron Cohan, and Clark Miller. From bottom left: Tom Spence, Sarah Iaconis, Keziah Ferreira-Ally, Julie McAlpine-Jeffries, and Andrew Ebejer.

The sixth annual People Strategy, Equity & Culture (PSEC) Awards of Distinction Luncheon was held on January 24 at Massey College. The event highlighted the commitment and excellence of individual and team achievements, along with the collective spirit of appreciation and recognition within the PSEC community.

In her opening remarks, Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice-President, People Strategy, Equity & Culture, shared, “Your work has supported the University’s academic mission and PSEC’s own mission to empower the University community, create and deliver strategic, innovative, and equitable outcomes, and lead systemic and sustainable change. ”

Following lunch service, Hannah-Moffat presented the awards, beginning with the Distinguished Contribution Award. This prestigious recognition was awarded to Clark Miller for his exceptional work during the pandemic, providing crucial data and analysis to support employee wellness and movement. His efforts were described as an enormous undertaking handled with great skill.

Monica Seymour received the Emerging Leader Award for her leadership potential and impactful projects that led to significant process improvements within UTM’s HR team. Seymour’s dedication and respected presence within the community underscore her remarkable contribution to the HR landscape at the University.

The Living Our Values Award was awarded to two deserving recipients, Sharron Cohan and Tom Spence.

Cohan was recognized for exemplifying the division’s values through her daily work and interactions with a particular focus on her stakeholder management and subject matter expertise, and is highly valued for her mentorship to her colleagues.

Spence, meanwhile, was given the award for his efforts to elevate the Recognition and Engagement team’s work and his passion for fostering a culture of appreciation, which has set a benchmark for excellence within the PSEC community.

This year’s team award, the 2023 Distinguished Contribution – HR Team of the Year Award, was bestowed upon the Office of University Counsel’s People Services Legal Team. Their strategic and creative partnership has been instrumental in navigating complex legal challenges, offering invaluable advice and support to the Division of PSEC and Divisional HR Office partners. The People Services Legal Team includes Andrew Ebejer, Keziah Ferreira-Ally, Sarah Iaconis, Julie McAlpine Jeffries, and Joseph Marcus.

Before closing, Erin Jackson, Assistant Vice-President, University HR added her congratulations and shared that, “The work you do is essential to achieving the mission and vision of the teams you work in, the Division, and ultimately the University. Know that each and every one of you are important members of our PSEC community and your abilities and contributions are vital to our continued success.”

Congratulations to all the recipients and thank you for your continued commitment to excellence.

View a gallery of photos from the event.