“Celebrate It” at U of T

Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, October 1 -31, 2021

Join us for “Celebrate It”, our annual celebration of Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month featuring events and activities to support you in maintaining and improving your wellness as you work from home, or on campus. Sessions include topics under each dimension of health: physical, emotional, social and financial. We are pleased to run another Team Steps Challenge this year and encourage you to participate despite the challenges of COVID-19, which may require some additional creativity and planning.

Travel across Canada with this year’s 10,000 Steps Challenge
October 4th to October 31st, 2021

Did you know that people who walk on a regular basis have increased muscle strength, higher energy levels and improved overall health and well-being? Health professionals recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day to achieve physical and mental health benefits. There are steps conversion tables available for those who prefer to engage in sports, biking or other activities or for individuals with physical challenges.

So, get ready to move because we are launching a Cross Canada Fitness Adventure Challenge for staff at U of T!

You can do it! There are lots of ways to sneak more steps into your day. Take the stairs, walk at lunch or on your coffee break, walk the dog, take a few steps while meeting online or have a walking meeting in person. Above all, walk your way to a free team lunch!


This challenge will be managed by Homewood Health with a maximum of ten staff members per team. To join the challenge, follow these steps:

  1. Gather a team
  2. Choose a team name
  3. Appoint a team captain
  4. Registration code is utoronto.
  5. The team captain will need to create their team using the Sign Up button, completing the form and under the My Challenges box, select Join and Create a Team.
  6. Team members will just need to Sign Up, go to the My Challenges box, select Join a Team and look for their team name. If the team is private, a team password will be shared by the Team Captain.
  7. More information can be found in the Getting Started Guide.

Tracking your steps:

Activity can be tracked in two ways:

  1. Count steps. If you wear a pedometer regularly, then tracking your steps may be a great option. Simply choose the date (you can “back date” but not date in the future) and enter the number of steps for that day and click ‘add.’ Alternatively, if you are a FitBit user you can sign into your own account through the Widget located on the home page. The website will pull your FitBit steps data over once/day and add this to your total step/activity data for the challenge.
  2. Count activity. If you don’t wear a pedometer or a FitBit, you can choose from a list of activities. Just enter the time spent doing that activity and click ‘add.’ All activity is converted into a number of steps, depending on what activity you did and for how long you did it. Don’t forget to add things like shopping and housework. They count too!

Team Challenge/Prizes

Every day in October, team members take an average of 10,000 steps (# of total steps divided by # of team members) and the team is then eligible to win either:

  • one team lunch* for the team with the highest average number of steps
  • one team lunch* for participating teams to be drawn randomly
  • one team lunch* for participating teams to be drawn randomly

*Maximum total value of team lunch is $100. Sorry, only participants are included! Team lunch will be scheduled in compliance with physical distancing requirements and all other public health measures.

For more information, please review the U of T Steps Challenge Guide and FAQs.