A new way to acknowledge—and learn

The Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture has launched a new resource—the Dates of Recognition, Observance & Celebration webpage—to encourage learning about these and other dates of acknowledgement and to inform our community about related accommodations and supports.

“This new resource aims to enrich our community’s learning about each other and encourage openness to—and respect for—what makes each of us unique,” says Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice-President, People Strategy, Equity & Culture. “We expect its content to expand over time. But even in its current form, it reflects the vast breadth of faiths, identities, and lived experiences within the U of T community.”

Hannah-Moffat adds that honouring our diversity and fostering inclusive environments will be priorities of Dr. Shari Golberg, the new Assistant Director, Faith & Anti-Racism in the Institutional Equity Office. In addition to supporting academic and administrative leaders and consulting on matters where faith and anti-racism intersect, Golberg will be developing a faith and anti-racism framework to complement existing resources and initiatives from the Institutional Equity Office.

Golberg is excited to return to her alma mater, where she completed a doctorate in Religion and Gender & Women’s Studies.

“At U of T, we are fortunate to be part of an institution that creates space for divergent perspectives, and fosters learning and research on all topics,” she reflects. “By holding conversations and engaging with available resources, we can find constructive ways forward.”

Please take an opportunity to explore the Dates of Recognition, Observance & Celebration webpage and some of the upcoming dates of acknowledgement, including: