2019/20 Performance Assessment Process – Manager Resources

Further to the launch of the 2020 Performance Assessment process, we are providing a reminder about process timelines and resources for managers, as well as changes to the rating descriptors.

Change to the performance rating descriptors

  • Updated descriptors: To help managers focus more easily on the meaning of the performance feedback, updated performance rating descriptors now include additional emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • No numerical values: The rating descriptors no longer correspond with a numerical value but do provide comprehensive descriptions of each assessment level. Online Performance Assessment forms are reflective of this update.

Upcoming due dates

Employees in Professional & Managerial, Confidential (PM / C) and Research Associate/Senior Research Associate (RA/SRA) groups should have completed their activity reports by September 28. Advancement Professionals (AP) employees should have submitted theirs by October 2.

Managers can now work on the Performance Assessment of their staff and complete the online form’s corresponding section. To access the form, please log in to the SuccessFactors: Performance module.

Performance Assessment process timelines and guidelines about each step of the process for each employee group can be found on the HR Service Centre.

You have until October 29 to complete the assessment and provide recommended performance ratings for PM/C and RA/SRA employees, and until November 4 for APs.


To help you prepare to write performance assessments and conduct performance feedback discussions with your staff, the Learning and Leadership Centre (LLC) has created five short videos in SuccessFactors. You should have already received an automatic notification on September 15 that these videos have been assigned to you in the Learning module. An accompanying workbook is available to further support managers as you gather information and structure these performance conversations.

Access the Resource Videos in SuccessFactors: Learning

SuccessFactors: Performance & Goals Module Functionality and Process Training

A virtual training session that provides an overview of the SuccessFactors: Performance and Goals module and other related information required to complete the process is available for managers who supervise staff in all participating employee groups. This strongly recommended training is available via Teams on the following dates:

  • October 7 (10:00am – 11:30am)
  • October 14 (2:00pm – 3:30pm)
  • October 21 (10:00am – 11:30am)
  • October 28 (2:00pm – 3:30pm)

Registration and more information.

Context and Questions

Moving the Performance Assessment process on to SuccessFactors is one part of the HR Technology Program. The program’s goal is to modernize HR systems and launch new tools that create a more cohesive and efficient digital workplace. We acknowledge that this change requires managers to learn how to use a new system. We appreciate your adaptability and hard work in doing so, and hope that you find the training and resources helpful.

If you have any further questions about the 2019/2020 Performance Assessment Process, please contact your Divisional Human Resources Office.