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New Recognition Program – ‘U’ name it contest

March 7, 2016

This spring the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity, in collaboration with the Provost, will launch a brand new recognition program for faculty and staff.

On this page:

About the Contest

We need your help to name the Program!

The purpose of this program is to recognize U of T staff and faculty who make invaluable contributions to the University every day; they accomplish personal and institutional goals, mentor their colleagues, and keep this institution working. However, they can sometimes go unrecognized for this important work.

The University of Toronto wants to hear from you about the ‘unsung heroes’ you know. This Award is designed to showcase and acknowledge our staff and faculty who make this University as excellent as it is because employees matter. Each month we will showcase your stories about these great staff and faculty in the University Bulletin and the Human Resources & Equity website.

These exceptional staff and faculty:

  • Make meaningful connections with others
  • Provide guidance that makes a difference to others
  • Create a sense of community that fosters diversity and inclusion
  • Demonstrate genuine caring for others
  • Conduct their daily work with the utmost of care
  • And make the University great every day by just being here

Contest Details

Please submit your ideas to name the new program to the HR & Equity Mailbox, with New recognition program – ‘U’ name it contest as your subject line.


The winning selection will be chosen for its:

  1. Creativity
  2. Relevancy to the program and its purpose of recognizing staff and faculty and their contributions to the University’s strategic objectives.


All submissions will be ranked and shortlisted to a final group of five by the preliminary committee. Committee members include:

  • Executive Director of Total Rewards (Chair)
  • Director of Strategic Communications
  • Two members of the Recognition team
  • A member from the Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life

A Decision Panel will choose the winning submission from the shortlisted five. Committee members include:

  • VP of Human Resources & Equity (Chair)
  • Executive Director of Total Rewards (Administrative Role/Non-voting)
  • President designate
  • Provost designate


  • All Staff and Faculty members are eligible to enter the contest.
  • Entrants may submit as many suggestions as they wish during the contest period.
  • Entrants will be required to submit their full name, email address, position title, department and office phone number with their entry.

How to Enter

Entrants may submit their contest name to the HR & Equity Mailbox, with New recognition program – ‘U’ name it contest as your subject line.

Contest Period

The contest will run from Monday, March 7, 2016 until Monday, April 4th, 2016, 5:00 p.m..

A winner will be announced the week of April 18th.


The winner will receive:

  • Invitation to the first award event
  • A prize to be chosen from an award selection website