From Feedback to Action: Next Steps for ‘Speaking Up’ Results

As reported earlier this summer, feedback provided by employees during the ‘Speaking Up’ Faculty & Staff Experience Survey showed commonality on a number of fronts, highlighting positive aspects about the work experience at the University and other areas requiring more attention.

Through the survey, faculty and staff across the University identified five main areas of interest. These areas are: Communication, Equity & Diversity, Faculty & Staff Development (specifically leadership renewal and orientation of new faculty and staff), Recognition and Work-Life Integration.

Five icons have been designed to represent each of these themes or ‘areas of focus’ and will be used in future communications related to the survey and initiatives that have been developed as a result.

Fall Consultations

This summer, each Division’s Survey Representatives have been analyzing their Division’s results. Working with their Division’s leadership team these reps have been encouraged to identify areas of strength and areas requiring attention.

Beginning in September, each Division has the opportunity to participate in a session with the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity and the Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life, to share what actions they plan to take in response to their results.

Highlights from these sessions, in particular examples of best practices, will be shared in upcoming editions of the Bulletin.