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Employee community consultations: How to get involved

June 11, 2015

The University of Toronto has a range of policies and resources to address sexual violence.

On campus, the prevention of, and response to, sexual violence poses a number of special challenges. While the response to criminal conduct remains the primary domain of municipal police, there is much that the University can and should do in its own sphere by means of the Code of Student Conduct, through the Community Safety Office, Campus Police, the various equity offices, and residence councils, and by means of enhancing education and awareness in a variety of forms.

In November 2014, the University of Toronto announced the establishment of an Advisory Committee to the President & Provost on Preventing & Responding to Sexual Violence.

To date, the Committee has held 25 group consultations with students across all three campuses. The consultations have solicited a wealth of feedback and recommendations for consideration by the Committee.

The Committee invites U of T employees to provide input on sexual violence prevention and education, support resources, reporting incidents of sexual violence at the university, and the most effective ways to communicate information across the university.

Employees will be invited to participate through one of two options:

  • An in-person, facilitated consultation, or;
  • For those would are unable to attend in-person consultations, an anonymous online survey has been created.

Why should I participate?

Important conversations regarding sexual violence are happening on our campus. Feedback from a variety of students, staff and faculty is vital in helping the Committee establish recommendations on how we might better prevent and respond to sexual violence.

Looking for Resources?

We want to ensure that our students, staff and faculty understand the range of options and resources available to them should they require support following an assault or have safety needs while on campus. A list of resources and information has been compiled to assist students, staff and faculty to better understand their options and services available while at the University of Toronto.