Wellness Tips and Best Practices for Working at U of T

The new year is an opportunity to reflect on how to make wellness a priority, both professionally and personally.

The pandemic continues to take its toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health. Those of you who are caring for school-age children have likely been challenged by the temporary shift to online schooling and suspension of services and programs. Others have family or friends who require additional assistance. You or your loved ones may even have been ill.

For all these reasons, we are sharing strategies to help you reframe the start of a new year and a new term.

If you have additional wellness strategies, or any questions about how to apply them to your work at U of T, feel free to email our Integrated Wellness Consultant Richa Chodha (r.chodha@utoronto.ca). You may also wish to subscribe to the Wellness at U of T Listserv to receive updates on wellness programs and services.

Download a Wellness Tips and Best Practices PDF:

For All Team Members

For Managers, Deans, Chairs, and Directors