Wellness Resources for Healthy Workplace Month

Every October, Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month is a fantastic reminder that it is just as important to prioritize health and wellbeing as it is productiveness. Often, productive work routines are also healthy work routines, and healthy staff lead to healthy teams, and a healthy University.

I am pleased to share some wellness tips and resources from our EFAP provider, LifeWorks, to help you maintain a healthy work routine:

  1. Set boundaries
    With hybrid work, it is important to maintain time boundaries to keep a work-life balance and reduce burnout. Ensure you have a clear start and end to your workday as much as possible. Register for the Returning to the Workplace: Managing stress and anxiety workshop on October 13 to learn more.
  2. Practice Mindfulness
    A short ten-minute meditation session can help manage stress levels. LifeWorks will have a workshop on Stress Relaxation Techniques includes deep breathing mindfulness/meditation practice.
  3. Find humor at work
    Finding humor in everyday situations can help to lighten up difficult situations or conversations. The Lighten Up Your Day workshop on October 18 can help you find the fun in the office and at home.
  4. Participate in the Wellness Challenge
    U of T’s annual Wellness Challenge runs from October 1 – 31. Employees are able to participate directly through the LIFT App, available for free through LifeWorks. You can also pair your Fitbit, Apple Health or Google Fit to track your progress.

For more virtual workshops, check out the Wellness Calendar. The LifeWorks app provides more resources and articles on each of the above practices. Find your LifeWorks invitation code in your email or request a code. LifeWorks registration is available through the LifeWorks web portal, on IOS, and Android.