Vacation balances for RAs, CUPE 1230, and CUPE 2484 are live in HRIS

Date: November 14, 2016
To: Business Officers via the AMS Listserv
From: Deb Ovsenny, Executive Director, Total Rewards
Erin Jackson, Executive Director, iHR
CC: CAO Listserv; Darlene Chow; Renee Brost; and, Sylvie Dawn Brown
Re: Vacation balances for Research Associates and Senior Research Associates (RAs / SRAs), CUPE 1230 and CUPE 2484 employees are now live in HRIS retroactive to November 1, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you to everyone who submitted vacation balances for RAs / SRAs, CUPE 1230, and CUPE 2484 employees in your respective area(s). As of today, these balances are now live in HRIS, accurate retroactive to November 1, 2016.

Going forward, vacation information for these employee groups must be tracked in HRIS using Absence Type 2392 – Vacation – Paid as outlined in the HRIS Record Absences for Appointed Staff Members procedure document (PDF, 461 kB).

Required Next Steps

  1. Using Absence Type 2392, update and track any vacation taken between November 1 and November 14, 2016
  2. Verify that both the hire date and the vacation start date for each employee are correct in Infotype 0041 – Date Specifications
  3. As applicable, verify schedules in Infotype 9007 – Planned Work Time – Part Time
  4. If necessary, complete the following actions to reset or adjust vacation balances (including any vacation carryover that needs to be accounted for):

Note: If no vacation balances were received, the employee’s vacation balance was entered as zero (0).

RA / SRA employees will be able to view their vacation tracker reports in Employee Self-Service (ESS) as of December 1, 2016, so please ensure that all balances are accurate prior to that date.

Available December 1

Vacation Liability Reporting for PM, Confidential, USW, RAs / SRAs, CUPE 1230, and CUPE 2484 Employees

We are working to enhance the Vacation Entitlement Report (PDF, 487 kB) to display information on employees who have reached their vacation entitlement threshold (i.e., when an employee accrues their annual vacation entitlement, plus their maximum approved carryover). This information will assist in managing any vacation days accrued above the threshold.

This report can be provided to managers to assist in creating vacation management plans. Documentation for this report will be distributed after December 1, 2016, when the enhanced report is available.

Please note that the final process regarding approval of vacation carry forward in excess of an employee’s annual entitlement is under development. For the purposes of this launch only, we are accepting any vacation balances submitted by employees and do not require formal carryover approval from managers or supervisors. Further discussion and consultation with University stakeholders will continue into 2017.