Have you made your UPP decision? Consent period ends soon.

The consent period for the University Pension Plan (UPP) ends on June 28, 2019. Have you had your say yet?


How to register your consent

To vote in favour of the conversion to the UPP, you must submit your consent form. If you do not return your consent form, you will be counted as withholding consent to the UPP.

The proposed UPP will only proceed if, for each of the current pension plans:

  • at least two-thirds of active members consent, and
  • no more than one-third of former members, retired members and other persons entitled to benefits, as a group, object.

If you support the conversion and have not yet submitted your consent form, please complete the consent form included in your notice package (mailed to your home address on March 25) and mail it back using the pre-addressed return envelope enclosed in your package.

All consent forms must be received by the end of day on June 28, 2019 in order to be counted. Be sure to put the form in the mail with enough time for it to be received within the deadline.


Can’t find your form?

Your UPP notice package was mailed to your home address on March 25. If you did not receive or can’t find your UPP notice package, it could mean that your home address was not up-to-date in your personnel file at the time of mailing. Please log in to Employee Self-Service (ESS) with your UTORid to update your address, then inform us of your changes by sending an email to upp@utoronto.ca. We will then arrange to resend the package to your updated address.


Please note:

Every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information in your notice package, based on your status on September 30, 2018.  Should you notice any discrepancies please contact upp@utoronto.ca.