Updating Vacation Records in HRIS prior to December pay close

Annually, HRIS records are locked at the end of the calendar year. This is a reminder to please ensure that vacation records for 2022 are up to date in HRIS before December pay close.

Note that for employees planning vacation in December, these vacation days should be entered into ESS or HRIS prior to the December pay close.

As part of our commitment to health and wellness, we continue to encourage all staff to use vacation time and recognize that time away from work is an essential part of an individual’s overall physical and mental well-being. A change of surroundings, whether it be an out-of-town vacation or a staycation, can help individuals disconnect, recharge, and feel refreshed upon returning to work. To note, the University’s Policy on Disconnecting from Work is intended to help leaders and employees manage workplace stresses due to workload, overwork, and an inability to disconnect from the workplace outside of an employee’s working hours.

Managers should continue working with their staff to ensure that vacation is used, and that an individual’s time away from work is supported so that it does not result in an excess of work to return to, which can create stress around taking time off. Vacation must also be tracked timely and accurately in ESS and HRIS and administered in accordance with the relevant policy or collective agreement.

Vacation Reports with MSS

 Individuals with Manager Self-Service (MSS) access can view an individual employee’s (or their entire team’s) vacation entitlement, vacation balance, vacation projection, and absence summary.

Please encourage managers and supervisors in your area to access MSS and review their team’s absence information to ensure it is accurate. Any updates that are required must be made in HRIS and conversations pertaining to vacation planning should be ongoing.


Vacation Reports without MSS

For individuals without MSS access, or who need information on their entire Organizational Unit, Department, or Division, the following reports can be accessed in HRIS:

  • The Vacation Entitlement Report Download can be used to view an individual employee’s (or an entire Organizational Units’) vacation entitlement and balance as of the previous completed month.
  • The Vacation Projection Report  can be used to view an estimate of an individual employee’s (or an entire Organizational Unit’s) scheduled vacation time and projected vacation time (by month) at a future point in time.


More information:

If you have any questions regarding the vacation policies for PM and Confidential Staff or the USW-Staff Appointed Collective Agreement, please contact your HR Divisional Office.

For questions regarding HRIS processing, please contact HRIS Support through the HR Service Centre.