Updating Vacation Records in HRIS for April Year End

In anticipation of the annual institutional vacation audit, please ensure that vacation records are as accurate as possible in HRIS prior to next month’s pay close on April 21, 2021. Vacation records must be updated no later than April 16, 2021.

Adjusting Past Vacation

If you find that absences are not appropriately tracked in MSS or HRIS, please contact the relevant business officer or absence administrator as soon as possible with all needed corrections.

For any vacation corrections for 2020 and prior, please use the HRIS Vacation Adjustment Form in the HR Service Centre.

Vacation and Absence Data Reports

As a reminder, throughout the year you should make use of the Vacation Entitlement Report to track individuals who may have high balances and flag them for managers for action. These reports can also be used for general planning and tracking purposes.

To support this process, we have provided Divisional HR Managers and CAO’s with the vacation balance reports for their divisions over the last few months. These reports highlight employees with vacation balances in excess of maximum vacation threshold days (based on policy or collective agreement).


If you have any questions regarding the vacation policies for PM, Confidential, and Research Associate / Senior Research Staff or the USW-Staff Appointed Collective Agreement, please contact your Divisional HR Office.

If you need assistance with HRIS processing, please submit a ticket to HRIS Help Desk using the HR Service Centre.