Requesting Participation: The Updated U of T Employment Equity Survey

Today we are relaunching the University’s Employment Equity Survey via Employee Self-Service (ESS). The Employment Equity Survey is a voluntary, confidential questionnaire open to all appointed and non-appointed employees.

Access the updated Employment Equity Survey

What is the Employment Equity Survey?

The Survey provides a snapshot of the demographic composition of the University’s tri-campus faculty, librarians, and staff, and a critical baseline for measuring how we are advancing more equitable, diverse, and inclusive working and learning environments. Ultimately, these data are used to improve our employees’ experience of the University across all stages of their careers.

What is changing?
We are committed to the ongoing review and enhancement of the Employment Equity Survey to ensure that the demographic data we collect aligns with the needs of our community. Since the Survey’s last major revision in 2016, terminology to express our wide-ranging identities has significantly evolved. The updated Survey helps to ensure that the identities of our community are accurately reflected, which will allow for a better understanding of who is and who is not represented in our workforce at specific points in time. The Changes Coming to the Employment Equity Survey article details the consultation process and changes you can expect to see in the 2023 Survey.

Why should I participate?

The data collected via the Employment Equity Survey enable the University to design and deliver programs that will benefit our faculty, librarians, and staff. Even logging into ESS and formally declining the questions in the survey will provide data on completion rates that will be added to the overall analysis. Note that you can change your response at any time.

How do I complete and return the survey?

To access the survey via ESS, log in using your UTORid and password at or use this direct link.

Step-by-step instructions on how to access the survey within ESS are available in the HR Service Centre, which requires your UTORid to log in.


To learn more about the Employment Equity Survey, or to share confidential comments or feedback, please contact