University of Toronto Smoke-Free Policy – Upcoming Cessation Information Session on March 7

The University of Toronto’s Smoke-Free Policy is now in effect. The University recognizes that smoking is a personal decision, and for some, an addiction with which they struggle. As we adapt to our smoke-free campuses, the University is committed to providing smoking cessation programs to members of our community who seek them.

As a reminder we are pleased to offer an in-person information session at our St. George campus for faculty and staff who want to quit smoking, available in partnership with the University’s Employee and Family Assistance Program.  There is still time to register for our March session!

Are You Ready to Quit? An Introduction to Smoking Cessation

When: Thursday, March 7, 2019 (1 pm – 2 pm)

Where: UTSG, ODLC Room 610

How: Register now through the ODLC website

This one-hour session will review some key strategies for successful smoking cessation. It will also introduce participants to comprehensive resources to assist them in the smoking cessation process.  During the session participants will:

  • Increase awareness of the effects of smoking
  • Assess your readiness to quit
  • Empower participants to take action
  • Review keys to a good quit smoking program
  • Introduce some resources available

Additional resources to support smoking cessation, including those available at U of T, self-directed support, and other available cessation programs are outlined in the recent communication that was sent out January 28, 2019.