Announcing the UniForum Fiscal Year 21/22 Activity Data Collection Timeline

Dear colleagues,

In 2019, the University of Toronto first launched UniForum, a global benchmarking data collection program. The program is designed to collect and use institutional data to enhance how we deliver and resource services across the university. UniForum collects data through the:

  1. Service Effectiveness Survey – which looks at end-users’ satisfaction levels with university core services.
  2. Service and Activity Data Collection – which looks at the services and activities provided by both suppliers and employees to the university.

UniForum also enables us to compare U of T’s operations and service effectiveness with 50+ peer institutions around the world, such as the University of Cambridge, University College of London, University of Melbourne, and University of British Columbia.

We ran the Service Effectiveness Survey in fall 2021. Most of the supplier services data are collected centrally to lessen the burden on divisions. However, we depend on your support to collect data on the specific services that employees provided in the global UniForum 160+ activities framework. CAOs, directors and managers will again be asked to provide activity data for the fiscal year 21/22 over the spring and summer.

The key dates for the collection are:

  • Tuesday, May 10, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
    Online tri-campus information session for divisional leads (Primary Contacts)
  • Wednesday, May 25, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm and  Thursday, June 2, 10:00 am – 11:30 am (make-up session)
    Online tri-campus information session for managers (Respondents)
  • Monday, May 30 – Friday, July 8
    Window for managers (Respondents) to provide activity data for their area(s)
  • By Friday, July 15
    Deadline for divisional leads (Primary Contacts) to review and submit all activity data for their division

Detailed information and support will be provided to managers and divisional leads throughout the process. Please direct all inquiries relating to the UniForum@UofT program to

Thank you in advance for your important contributions and support. We look forward to sharing the 21/22 data results with you in the following Winter term.