Unconscious Bias Training Modules

We are writing to inform you of exciting new online training on Unconscious Bias that will be available to all faculty, librarians, and staff at the University of Toronto.

Consistent with the recommendations from the Anti-Black Racism Task Force, the first two Unconscious Bias Education Modules introduce and provide examples of how Unconscious Biases can arise from stereotypes and result in discrimination. These modules provide an important first step in foundational education and will be followed by modules exploring personal actions and systemic changes that are required to create more equitable and inclusive learning and working environments.

The online Unconscious Bias training modules, available via SuccessFactors: Learning, were created at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) in an initiative led by Professor Maydianne Andrade, Department of Biological Sciences at UTSC. These modules were produced with input from University of Toronto faculty members who serve as part of the Toronto Initiative for Diversity & Excellence (TIDE) to increase capacity for education across the University in response to heavy demand.

This training was created in partnership with the Division of the Vice President & Provost, the Faculty of Arts & Science, the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, and the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Accessing the Unconscious Bias Training

The eLearning modules take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

These modules are designed for use by faculty, librarians and staff at our three campuses, ideally as an integrated part of a program of education.

Module 1
What is Unconscious Bias?

Definition and description of Unconscious Bias

Module 2
Effects of Unconscious Bias on Assessment

Examples of how Unconscious Bias can lead to unfair assessment in contexts relevant to our work at the University


Module 3
Interrupting Bias

Personal practices that can interrupt bias in decision making

You can also access these modules by logging onto SuccessFactors: Learning platform and browsing the learning catalogue.