Staff Announcement – Ian MacEachern, Director, Benefits, Pensions and Payroll

Date October 30, 2018
To: The University of Toronto Community
From: Erin Jackson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Division of HR & Equity

I am pleased to announce that Ian MacEachern will be joining the HR & Equity team in the role of Director, Benefits, Pensions and Payroll on November 26, 2018.

Ian will be responsible for providing strategic and technical advice and expertise to senior administrators and HR professionals, and will oversee the continuous benefit, pension and payroll process design and improvement.

Ian joins us from SickKids, where he held the position of Senior Manager, Pension and Benefits. In this role, Ian was responsible for managing relationships with external service providers and group insurance carriers, ensuring the benefits and pension plans were administered efficiently and accurately, and supporting the labour relations team during union negotiations. Ian brings more than twenty years of senior experience and expertise, and has built a career dedicated to improving benefits and pensions through administrative efficiencies, pension governance and education.

Ian holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Human Resources Management from Brock University and holds the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) designation.

I would like to thank the Benefits, Pensions and Payroll team for their ongoing engagement as we move towards new leadership, and to reiterate my thanks to Steve Dyce for his thirty-seven years of exemplary service. We are fortunate to have a period of transition between Ian’s start date in November and Steve’s last day before the holiday break. On behalf of the University community, I would like to wish Steve all the best in his retirement.

I also appreciate the support of the broader community as we continue to ensure that Benefits, Pensions and Payroll policies and practices are consistent with the University’s mission of excellence. I am delighted to see that Ian has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in his previous roles, and I am certain that U of T will benefit from his continued efforts and leadership in this regard.

Please join me in welcoming Ian to the U of T community.