University of Toronto Smoke-Free Policy

The University of Toronto’s Smoke-Free Policy is now in effect. The new policy bans smoking and vaping of tobacco, cannabis, and other products, and applies to all staff, faculty, students, and visitors on the University property.

The policy includes an exemption for Indigenous ceremonial practices, and permits consideration of requests for medical accommodations.

UTM and UTSC are working to implement designated smoking areas during a transition period.

The health impacts of smoking and second-hand smoke are well documented. This policy reflects our commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone in the U of T community.

U of T offers support for faculty, staff and students who want to quit smoking:

  • Eligible staff and faculty have access to Green Shield’s smoking-cessation program, which includes some drug coverage and pharmacist counselling, as well as an e-course available through the university’s Employee and Family Assistance Program. More details will be shared regarding registration for these programs shortly.
  • For students, smoking-cessation programs are available through the Health and Wellness Centres at the George campus and U of T Scarborough, and the Health and Counselling Centre at U of T Mississauga.


Additional information about the policy, cessation resources, and frequently asked questions are available on U of T’s Smoke-Free Policy website. For additional questions and inquiries, please email