Retroactive July 1 ATB Increase Process for USW Local 1998 Appointed in HRIS

Further to the USW Local 1998 – Staff Appointed ratification memo dated March 3, 2022, effective July 1, 2021, eligible USW Local 1998 – Staff Appointed are entitled to a retroactive 1% ATB increase based on their June 30, 2021 salary and must be processed in HRIS by April 20 monthly pay close. Eligible USW include those who were actively employed as of the ratification date of March 2, 2022.

The July 2021 Timeline for ATB Increase for USW and all resources listed below are available on the HR Systems & Training Support Centre.

Reference Guide and Support

The retroactive ATB increase will be automated centrally for USW excluding the employees with exceptions on their record. Departments will need to run the USW ATB Exception and Update Report and refer to the USW Exception Descriptions and Corrective Action Reference Chart for the appropriate transaction to be executed.

In addition, the following reports can be generated before and after processing the retroactive ATB increase:

This chart outlines the various scenarios and the corresponding processing details for those with exceptions.

Scenario Processing Details and Procedure Documentation Comments
Employee has July 1, 2021 segment
in Appointment Detail screen, with future or term end date and no segment after July 1, 2021.
ATB-Increase-Process-for-USW-with-Segment-ON-July1-2021 This is also applicable for New Hire / Rehire effective July 1, 2021
Employee has July 1, 2021 segment and one or more entries after
July 1, 2021 in Appointment Detail screen.
ATB-Increase-Process-USW-with-Segments-AFTER-July1-2021 Examples include Change in FTE % or an Internal Org. Unit Change
Employee was hired /rehired after
July 1, 2021 with future or term end date.
ATB-Increase-Process-USW-New Hire / Rehire-AFTER-July1-2021 Only for New Hire / Rehire effective after July 1, 2021

Questions and Contact Information

Questions about eligibility should be directed to your Divisional HR Office.

Please contact Central Payroll Services through the HR Service Centre to update the Basic Pay for those employees receiving a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) on July 1 for an approved leave of absence (e.g., Pregnancy, Parental, Adoption, Primary Caregiver Leave or Compassionate Family Caregiver Leave) by April 19 payroll forms deadline.

If you need assistance with HRIS processing, please submit a ticket to HRIS Help Desk using the HR Service Centre.