Requirement to be Vaccinated

Further to the Fall Planning – Welcome to the Start of a New Academic Year message sent earlier today, we are writing to provide you with additional details regarding the new Joint Provostial and Human Resources Guideline on Vaccinations and the requirement for our community to be vaccinated. As an employee of the University, you are subject to and bound by the Guideline, and you should carefully review and familiarize yourself with it.

As an employee of the University, you may be required to be able to attend and perform duties on University premises as required, even if some or all of your duties can be performed remotely. Accordingly, you must be fully vaccinated by October 29, 2021 (i.e. final dose no later than October 15, 2021).

Please upload proof of vaccination using the University’s UCheck system. If you have been identified as a participant in a high-risk activity (e.g., music instruction, athletics, etc) and have received instructions on how to upload your proof of vaccination via ServiceNow, please also upload your vaccine documents in UCheck.

Those seeking an exemption to the requirement to be fully vaccinated for medical or other protected human rights grounds can make a request through the University’s Vaccination Exemption Request Portal via the Enterprise Service Centre (ServiceNow). Please note that approval is not guaranteed. If your exemption is approved, you will be required to participate in the University’s rapid screening program, and must upload results twice per week. If your exemption request is not approved, you will be required to be fully vaccinated in order to work at the University.

As stated in the Guideline:

“…the University will educate the community about the benefits of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Consequences for a violation of this Vaccination Guideline will depend on the individual’s relationship with the University and the relevant circumstances but may include, in the case of:

  • Employees: prohibition from attending University premises and discipline up to and including termination of employment for cause, in accordance with the applicable University policies and procedures, guidelines, employment agreement or memoranda of agreement or collective agreement, if any.”

For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, please visit