Replacing the HR & Equity Website

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to provide you with a reminder that the HRE website will be replaced later this year as part of the ongoing HR Digital Transformation. You will receive another notice closer to the switch-over date.

Why do we need a new website?

We received feedback that the current HR & Equity website is difficult to navigate, laden down by too much content, and needs accessibility improvements as well as mobile optimization. The redesigned site will offer faster load times and allow memos and news to be found more easily using filters and categories.  It will also introduce a simpler navigation menu and act as your first step to accessing the new HR Service Centre. The remaining content on the updated website will primarily be public facing and will promote the University as an Employer of Choice.

What will happen to the current website?

The current website has been copied into an archive. Moving to the new site will invalidate most hyperlinks pointing to it. We’ll set up automatic redirects where possible, but you’ll want to update any personal bookmarks to be safe. After the switch-over, if an emergency arises and you need to access the current site, please contact to request the content needed.  It is strongly recommended that you make backup copies of content that you rely on. Ultimately, nothing should live on the HR website that isn’t also saved elsewhere.

5 Key Content Areas for Employees

  1. Forms –
    These will live on the HR Service Centre or on the GreenShield website
  2. Payroll Schedules –
    These will live on the HR Service Centre
  3. Salary Ranges –
    These will continue to live on the HR website
  4. Faculty & Staff Agreements –
    Collective agreements and policies concerning Faculty, Staff and Librarians will continue to live on the HR website
  5. Pension –
    Pension details will live on the HR Service Centre


If you have any questions, please email