Reminder and Resources: 2019/20 Performance Assessment Process

Dear colleagues,

Further to input received at a recent CAO meeting, we are writing to clarify this year’s process and to share additional tools that have been developed to support managers as we transition to a new platform and a revised rating process.

Upcoming dates

• Managers should now be working on the Performance Assessment of their staff*. To access, please log in to the SuccessFactors: Performance module.
• Performance assessments and recommended performance ratings must be complete by:

– October 29 for Professional & Managerial, Confidential and Research Associate/Senior Research Associate
– November 4 for Advancement Professionals

*As a reminder, all performance assessment timelines are available in the HR Service Centre.


You can find detailed timelines and guidelines about each step of the process for all employee groups on the HR Service Centre, or at 2020 Performance Assessment process as well as video resources for managers created by the Learning and Leadership Centre (LLC).

Previous messages sent regarding the performance assessment process are available on the HR & Equity website.

If you have any further questions about the 2019/2020 Performance Assessment Process, please contact your Divisional Human Resources Office.