Performance Assessment 2020: Important New Video Resources for Managers

Dear colleagues,

To assist with preparing for the final stages of the 2020 Performance Assessment process, we would like to share two new video and workbook resources available to managers preparing for and conducting performance discussions.

Performance assessment discussions are an excellent opportunity for managers and employees to review accomplishments, provide feedback, both positive and constructive, and engage in conversation about career aspirations and supporting employee development. Managers are encouraged to be aware that these conversations can also be rather stressful for employees. The new videos provide information on how to plan and structure the conversation.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed our work and affected personal lives. We are experiencing new challenges as we adjust to working from home and to the uncertainty of the pandemic. We would recommend that managers be mindful of these additional challenges and stressors, which employees may or may not be experiencing, during these conversations.

These two short new videos share best practices for the logistics (both virtual and in-person) and structure of performance assessment conversations and provide advice on how to give constructive positive and negative feedback. The accompanying workbooks are a useful resource for managers to help plan out how to provide the most effective and strengths-based feedback.

These videos will automatically be assigned to all managers, however, you will not receive an automatic notification, so please sign in to SuccessFactors to access or use the links below:

Module 3
Module 4

We encourage all managers to take a few minutes to view these videos in preparation for performance conversations with staff.  Conducting an effective performance discussion is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships with employees and set them up for continued success!


If you have any questions regarding the videos, workbook or the performance assessment process, please contact your Divisional HR Office.