People Strategy, Equity & Culture (PSEC)

Announced last June, my appointment as Vice-President to the expanded portfolio of People Strategy, Equity & Culture presents a rare opportunity to rename the Division of Human Resources & Equity, and to re-focus and amplify the work we do.

Effective immediately, the Division of Human Resources & Equity is called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture (PSEC).

People Strategy, Equity and Culture more accurately reflects the breadth and depth of the Division’s work, mandate and priorities. To date, we have built an exceptional foundation of people leadership, workplace wellness, and relationships among employee groups and union partners. Most significantly, the Division has advanced an intentionally inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture at the University. We are now able to expand on these accomplishments.

“People Strategy” reflects that the Division works with and for people, not “human resources.” It also represents our expanded commitment to developing strategies to promote wellbeing, safety, professional development, workplace recognition, and a sense of belonging for our community.

“Equity” remains integral to our mandate. We will apply an equity focus to all that we do and expand our capacity in this area.

“Culture” encompasses ideas of cultivation, continuity, and community that PSEC seeks to create in support of our community. It also reflects the scale of institutional change that U of T is undertaking, and the Division’s leading role in driving that change.

What does this mean for you?

As of today, all current materials, communications, and websites within the Division have been updated with its new PSEC title. We will use this name exclusively moving forward.

Please remove and replace any references to “Human Resources & Equity” and “HRE” within your websites, current documentation, and ongoing news and memoranda articles as soon as possible, including template documents or PowerPoints, and any printed materials.

Please note that embedded document or site links should still continue to function.

Lastly, all contact details for the Division referenced in the above materials should be updated with the following:

Thank you for making these changes as soon as possible.